TAFE Listening campaign

We have commenced a “listening” campaign which is designed to engage TAFE workers in a constructive dialogue about collective bargaining and your rights at work and obtain feedback to assist us better understand your wants and needs as part of our enterprise bargaining campaign (TAFE EB1 campaign).

The premise of the listening campaign is that the deepest, most important and
fundamental needs and concerns of members surface when they are given a chance to share their experiences and opinions about a subject in a free and loosely structured manner.

Unlike traditional structured question and answer formats the participants are engaged in conversations about questions on topics they care most deeply about and this allows us to collect information and points of view quickly.

The campaign goals are to:

1. directly engage PSA members and TAFE workers in a discussion about their employment conditions, their needs and wants for their work and the future of TAFE
2. strengthen relationships between PSA members as a community of workers
3. develop the PSA industrial and organising strategy for TAFE under the NSW coalition government
4. identify and engage 30 new workplace activists and to recruit over 300 new members across TAFE NSW by 31 May 2012.

The aim is to:

• have 60% of PSA members in each TAFE Institute to be involved in a listening, and
• engage with as many genuine potential members as possible.

Participants at the listening’s will be asked to discuss the following questions:

1. What are the three conditions of employment you value most working in TAFE?
2. How do you think you could be better recognised and rewarded for your work in TAFE?
3. What do you want TAFE to look like in five years?.

TAFE EB1 campaign

The TAFE Listening campaign is part of our comprehensive TAFE EB1 campaign. This places collective bargain¬ing at the centre of our organising and industrial strategy.

We will campaign hard to make sustainable gains in your terms and conditions of employment and to build the power of your union at the workplace.

TAFE educational support staff are the professional backbone of TAFE NSW, and bargaining provides an excellent opportunity to have this recognised and rewarded.

The power of the union to ensure your rights are pro¬tected relies on the collective and direct participation of all CPSU members and potential members in our cam¬paign.

If you want to get involved in the campaign please contact you local delegate or organiser.


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