Mar 18, 2014

Greens Save TAFE Bill launch

9.30am Thursday 20 March 2014
Legislative Council Gallery
Parliament House
Macquarie St, Sydney

Or if you can’t make it in person, you can watch live online: Head to “Today in parliament” and click on the Legislative Council.

John Kaye will speak for about 30 minutes on why the Parliament should stop the so-called Smart and Skilled entitlements training market and wind back the budget cuts, student fee increases and flow of funds to private providers.

After John Kaye has “second read” the bill, debate will be adjourned for at least 5 calendar days.

Labor have reportedly indicated that they will be voting for the Bill.

With the votes of either the Christian Democrats or the Shooters and Fishers Party, the legislation can go through the Upper House and ramp up even further the pressure on the O’Farrell Government to call a halt to their attack on public education and training.

Feb 24, 2014

TAFE Classification Review

What is the classification review?

As part of your new Enterprise Agreement, TAFE committed to develop a new classification structure by the end of 2014, for inclusion in a new enterprise agreement in mid-2015.

A modern classification system should:

  • Define position descriptions;
  • Provide uniformity of similar jobs that TAFE staff do across each Institute;
  • Be clear;
  • Grade TAFE staff appropriately for your skills and experience;
  • Describe your day to day duties; and
  • Provide opportunities for career progression.

The PSA/CPSU is committed to ensuring that your qualifications, allowances, work, health and safety rights, and conditions are protected and maintained.

Throughout the year, we will be undertaking comprehensive consultation with members to seek your input and guidance, and to ensure that the classification structure reflects your needs.

We will draw on the experience of our delegates and activists who have done work on this issue in the past.

Union working party

To succeed, we need you!

It’s really important that every member has the opportunity to have your views and experience represented.

We would like to establish a union working party, consisting of delegates and contacts from across the 10 TAFE NSW Institutes, to help talk to your colleagues and guide negotiations with TAFE management.

In the early 1990s, NSW universities developed a uniform structure for assessing duties across 10 levels.

These are defined in university enterprise agreements and help to provide consistency across the sector.

The PSA/CPSU played a key part in developing the structure, which is still successfully used in universities.

What’s involved in the working party?

This depends on your areas of interest and how much you want to be involved in the classification review. You might help your organiser to hold a local meeting, participate in meetings with other union delegates, or be part of the negotiations with TAFE management.

You will receive the training and support you need to help you in your role.

You’ll also be able to access time release and other rights under Clause 55 (Trade Union Activities Regarded as on Duty) under your Enterprise Agreement.

How you can express your interest

Send an email with your name, position, College/Campus, Institute and contact details to

What else can you do?

Forward or print this bulletin and give it to your colleagues not in the PSA/CPSU. Being a union member is the only way TAFE staff can ensure your voices are heard. The PSA/CPSU can be joined here.

For more information, please contact one of your TAFE Organisers:

Nathan Bradshaw
9248 3349
Vivette Horrex
9248 3315
Shane Jobberns
9248 3339

Newcastle Regional Office

Ron Hunter
1800 467 932
Marg Fullick
1800 467 932