About the campaign

NSW is looking into an abyss where no-one will have the correct, properly accredited skills to safely build, maintain or repair anything.

For generations the TAFE system nurtured a skilled workforce in NSW: preparing young people for well-paid, highly skilled trades and qualifications.

But in recent years, in an act that is nothing short of vandalism, the NSW Government has stripped funding from TAFE, stripping $130 million in funding and cutting 4000 jobs.

The result is what was once one of the world’s best vocational training systems left to wither.

To make matters worse, under the NSW Government’s absurdly titled Smart and Skilled reforms, course fees have also skyrocketed – in some cases by more than 300 per cent – pushing even more people away from vocational training.

The Smart and Skilled reforms have also allowed unscrupulous private training providers to rip off not only vulnerable students who receive nothing but a massive debt, but also the state’s taxpayers.
For years the TAFE system has provided young people with qualifications and the NSW economy with well-trained tradespeople. We need to rebuild this system before it is too late.

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